Thursday 23 June 2022

2022 year lessons

 My dear friends! 

June is the end of academic year. This year have been full of different things. Everything that going around have  been reflected by visual art.  Some more pictures you can find in 

Instagram and in Gallery

We worked with different media. 
Our lovely Calgary. Soft pastel

                                                                  Watercolor projects

                                                                Gouache paint projects

Acrylic projects

Christmas time. Multimedia projects

We have had a lot of fun.

Sincerely yours

Monday 28 February 2022

March, 2021

 Watercolor session is almost done. 

Children have very bright and colorful world and reflect it in their pictures. 

I hope that you enjoy it.

Sincerely yours,


Monday 23 August 2021

Starting work in September 2021

I am back for my work, for the life that is different every day. 

I have already made some groups of students in my studio, but I have some more spots. Welcome to the ART PROGRAM! My CONTACT. Contact me about time and the day for the art lesson for your child.   Groups are going to start in September, 2021. 

The time of isolation gave me opportunity to take some courses that I haven't time before so I am going  to use my new skills and knowledge in the program. 

Also, I was a part of a great group "Together" Facebook that helped families to organize free time for children in 2020.  We all started use Zoom  for language lessons, games, recreations and also art lessons.  Zoom lessons are totally different than lessons in real life, but they are better than nothing... Me and my students tried different media: watercolour, soft pastel (sometimes chalk instead), pencils, crayons and other. 

Here are some pictures from the Zoom lessons that were sent me by parents:


Sincerely yours, Alla